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Channel Hide - A blog about stuff

Channel Hide is a blog I created some years back where myself and a few others talk about various things from time to time. Our tagline is "News - Sports - Technology - Entertainment", which covers what we mostly like ot write about. That being said, the sky is usually the limite. From movie reviews, game reviews, and general discussion, we tackle just about anything.

From a design perspective, Channel Hide is a good example of our hosted Wordpress Installations. We host several Wordpress blogs here behind the scenes and this is a prime example of that. Let us know if you're looking for Wordpress support, as we'd be happy to help you.

Just the Video (Please) - A video sharing site for those who hate all the other stuff.

I created this as a pet project in early 2013 because I was tired of watching youtube videos that were small and surrounded by recommendations, ads, comments, likes, thumbs-up buttons, and were covered in citations and captions. Sometimes, you just want to watch the video, right? JTVP.co and the companion bookmarklet allow you to quickly convert the video you found into a large, centered, and clutter free viewing window. To top it off, it removes all titles and descriptions, leaving the video spoiler-free for fun sharing opportunities. I built in some great sharing options too. Check it out.