James T. George - Web Designer

James T. George Designs is a self-run web design business that I, Jim George, managae... with occasional with help from friends and family. I specialize in designs featuring rich content and graphics, as well as general databasing and implementaion of back-end systems.

What does that mean in english? I build websites that fit customer needs. As the portfolio of my work grows, so do the array of servies they provide. From store-fronts to personal pages, wiki sites, Wordpress Installations, blogs, and showcases - I design and implement them all to the specific needs of those who request my services. I also provide graphic and multimidea design, allowing customers to fill their site with rich content such as photos, music, and video.

Mission Statement

My goal as a designer - and the goal of the business I run - is to create and maintain the highest quality site designs for businesses and individuals. Utilizing all techonlogy and techniques available, I strive to exceed customer needs and provide full support for their sites following the completion of a design, all at a competitive price when compared to larger, automated design services. I believe that my strength, as well as the strengths of those that assist me, is in the personalized support I bring that larger operations simply cannont provide.

Designing Ideas, Refining Designs

It may sound like a catch-phrase, but the motto above is my primary philosophy of web design. I believe myself to be a person who appreciates ideas and strives to take good ideas and make them better. As my customer, I am constantly looking to improve my services so your goals are not only met, but lifted to a level beyond your expectations. I am always looking at new technology and experimenting with them and seeing how they can be implemented inot my designs. Once I have something, I strive to take the idea even further. All of this is done to provide you, the customer, with a site that will lead you to your own personal success.

Please browse this site and take a look at some of the standard design styles, as well as the clients we have worked with in the past. If you like what you see, contact us above and we can begin the construction of your great idea.